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Slightly resenting being a Mum

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EmmaJR1 Fri 30-Jun-17 10:06:52

Don't get me wrong - I'm ecstatic at finally being a mummy to a gorgeous 7 week old boy - however having lived nearly 40 years as an independent women, travelling, going out late, buying whatever I want I'm finding it more difficult than I imagined to adapt to having a tiny human attached to me ALL THE TIME!
He is a good baby and I can't complain about being hard done by because I'm not - I'm very lucky. It's just EVERYTHING I do now is in relation to this gorgeous bundle- I even walk the dog with the baby! Am I being unreasonable to miss my carefree days? I feel a bit guilty...

OrigamiParrot Sun 02-Jul-17 08:49:52

Of course not - I'm sure that's perfectly normal, I'm certainly the same! I have an 8 week old DD2 and I'm missing going to the gym, being able to jump in the car for a day out without packing the entire house into a changing bag, going to bed and actually sleeping until the morning, having a bath rather than a 5 minute shower... the list goes on! It doesn't mean I don't love my little one. And you sound like you adore your DS, so don't feel guilty! Do you have a partner/someone else who could take care of baby whilst you get some time to yourself?

kingfishergreen Sun 02-Jul-17 08:58:04

I felt exactly the same. DD was a lovely newborn, easy, and I loved her like nothing else. But I felt a distinct yearning for my old life, and the stark realisation that 'this was my life now... FOREVER'.

It gets easier as you get used to it, it gets easier when they smile and laugh and give a bit back.

smellsofelderberries Sun 02-Jul-17 12:16:45

I don't think there's anything to feel guilty about. I feel the same as you, though for different reasons (childbirth has destroyed my body in ways I could never have imagined sad). Is DH on hand to give you some space/time away from your boy? I found even going to have my hair cut was a great break and I enjoy coming home from little outings like that to see my DD.

user1234566 Sun 02-Jul-17 12:32:36

Absolutely not! It's extremely normal to feel that way. I still do sometimes and my dd is 18 months. Don't beat yourself up about it.

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