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Breaking point

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pinkpixiepanda Wed 07-Jun-17 14:46:06

I have suffered from depression for most of my life so no shock that I've got post natal depression and I'm not bothered but I've just had my meds changed and really suffering with side effects right now and it doesn't help that the little one isn't well either.
Suffering so much this week with side effects my husband too the week off to help with the baby but i just want to kill him! It literally taking all my strength not to slap him everything he's doing is wrong like he forgets to hang the laundry out to dry but he's can pull up weeds in the garden that doesn't need doing! And he won't feed the baby even though she's screaming for it because it's an hour early and he wants a fry up! I know it will all pass and it will get better but I don't know how long I can keep it together and he's walking around the house with such an attitude I feel like he resents me
I know nothing can help I guess I just needed to rant!

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