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As with all health-related issues, please seek advice from a RL health professional if you're worried about anything.

Post-section lochia doesn't seem right

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Snozberry00 Tue 06-Jun-17 19:54:08

Apologies in advance for the content of this post.

I had my second section 4 weeks ago. They mentioned that my uterus didn't contract but I thought nothing of it.

Bled for about 5 days and then tapered off to a snotty clear discharge. After a week of no bleeding I had a sudden heavy bleed and went to hospital where they said my uterus still hadn't contracted and I may have an infection, although blood test was clear, so was given antibiotics just in case. Bled for about a week and tapered off again.

Since then I have had lots of clear or slightly tinged discharge. But with the occasional small lump of something fleshy and red/white. About the size of a fingernail or smaller. What is this, is it something to be worried about? It seems strange as it isn't within a bleed it's on it's own?

My stomach is also still swollen and very sore to touch but I can't remember if it was sore after 4 weeks with my first.

My postnatal check isn't for another 4 weeks and I've been discharged from midwives.

crazyzooo Sat 10-Jun-17 16:16:04

Hi, I would call the OOH midwifes/maternity unit. I had similar and the small pink fleshy bits of tissue were bits of placenta. It's probably not but worth getting checked. Ideally bring some of the diacharge/bits with you for gem to have a look at.

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