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I had a stroke...I'm 29 years old!

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Sdot1987 Sat 22-Apr-17 21:27:01

Last month I suffered what I was told by numerous doctors as a Hemiplegic migraine which is quite rare. I had been tired and a little hungry alone in my house with my four month old baby when suddenly I couldn't feel my left hand. Then I couldn't feel my left arm. I was too scared to stand up I case I fell over. Then I noticed my lef was wet due to my drooling. Now I was getting pretty damn scared as my body was doing things out of my control. I had zero coordination. Tried to reach for me phone it kept on missing...tried to speak but kept luring my words. I knew in my head that I was having symptoms of a stroke but I couldn't pick up the phone or speak. Bring alone in my house I felt so trapped. About 20mins later I could eventually pick up and hold my phone. Rang my parents who rushed over. Long story short I ended up in the hospital send had a CT scan of my brain. Yet more doctors assured me it was a very rare migraine and sent me on my way. Around two weeks after I had an MRI scan. I still have altered sensation in my hand which I thought was rather strange as according to everything on the internet and what doctors said I should be symptom free from the Hemiplegic migraine.
On Thursday (just over a month from the event) I got a call from the hospital requesting to come in the next day to see the doctor.
Turns out that after all the doctors said that I was too young for a stroke, too healthy (low cholesterol, low fat), don't fit the normal categories for a stroke that I did in fact suffer from a stroke. It's clear as day on the MRI scan. Now the tests will begin to try and discover where the clot come from that led to the stroke. It's already been discovered that I have a hole in my heart which gave the clot the path to my brain. I had a pretty traumatic birth followed by a long painful recovery so I'm wondering if that had any influence. So I guess my question is has anyone here been unlucky enough to have had a stroke?

birdling Sun 30-Apr-17 01:15:30

I have no information for you, sorry, but just wanted to send flowers. That must have been really scary. Hope you get it sorted soon.

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