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Lactulose affecting LO?? (Fissures)

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TeaMuncher Mon 10-Apr-17 08:40:13

I've had several (3) very sore anal fissures since my LO was about a month old sad and have been advised by GP to continue to take lactulose daily.

I am EBF. Does anyone know if it affects their LOs? Had an absolutely awful nights sleep last night (up every hour) which has been the story of the last couple of months tbh and I'm knackered! I just wonder if he has griping that's keeping him awake, or if he's just a crap sleeper generally 🤔 and the lovely 4 month sleep regression of course!

PS. For anyone else suffering with fissures, try bio oil! It has been literally the only thing that has helped me (and I have tried EVERYTHING ELSE)

Funnyface1 Tue 11-Apr-17 22:22:17

Im sorry i can't advise about lactulose but prune juice is really helpful for dealing with a fissure.

summerfling Wed 12-Apr-17 10:32:07

Don't want to sound stupid but where do you put the bio oil??

I suffer with a fissure too

TeaMuncher Wed 12-Apr-17 18:55:38

Summer - I just get a bit on my finger and apply it around the area (prob would stay external as much as poss)!

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