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Please help me:how to do pelvic floor exercises

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Toobloodytired Thu 06-Apr-17 02:29:58

Need to establish these asap so I can start cracking on with it, however every time I do one, my stomach muscles jump in too!

I don't want to do it for months only to find out I've not even been using the right muscles!

drspouse Thu 06-Apr-17 03:28:14

If you really can't find them
1 Try Pilates
2 If no luck, ask the GP for a referral to the gynae physio (possibly via the gynae)

Toobloodytired Thu 06-Apr-17 03:38:42

I've been referred to physio by my midwife.

Il try out Pilates, I'm willing to do absolutely anything!

Pre baby, it took at least 15 seconds to be able to start wee'ing when on the toilet, now I'm doing it BEFORE I get to the toilet! sad

smellsofelderberries Thu 06-Apr-17 03:40:10

You need to go and see a women's health physio. They will do an internal exam and be able to teach you how to do them properly. I do mine lying down as I find it easier to focus that way (but my muscles are shot to hell thanks to my daughter's massive head!)
If you can't get to the physio, I would recommend lying down in bed when you won't be disturbed and try inserting a finger. When you do a pelvic floor exercise you should feel a squeeze and a lift. Make sure to squeeze and lift as you exhale and try not to hold your breath while you're doing it, and breathe thoughout the contraction.

drspouse Thu 06-Apr-17 03:50:47

Yes the physio did say all those "do the exercises in the queue at the post office" tips are a load of rollocks - gravity is not your friend in these circumstances.

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