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Link between prolapse and BF

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whyistherenoavocadoemoji Wed 22-Mar-17 08:10:28

I gave birth to DS (first baby) 4 months ago. I am 26. I had a natural (water) birth and thought I was lucky to get away with no cuts/tears and was out of hospital in about 6 hours.

Since giving birth I haven't been comfortable down there. The opening of my vagina feels "wide" for want of a better term, and I can feel a slight bulge just inside.

I've been to the GP who diagnosed a slight prolapse (bladder). She also said my pelvic floor was very weak as she could not feel when I tried to tighten those muscles and has referred me to the pelvic floor clinic initially for investigation / physio.

I am exclusively breastfeeding and I have read that the because this results in a low level of oestrogen, it can make muscles tissues weaker, just like it does during menopause. Has anyone noticed an improvement to pelvic floor muscles after stopping breastfeeding? Or noticed an improvement by doing the physio?

I was in good physical shape before I got pregnant and went to the gym almost every day and so I'm feeling very down with this diagnosis. DS was my first baby and I would have liked to have one or two more if I could, but now I'm worried about this. Has anyone had a similar experience?

smellsofelderberries Thu 23-Mar-17 05:42:23

I am right there with you. Almost 20 weeks postpartum (how did THAT happen?!) and have a bladder prolapse. Also has a drug free waterbirth with only a 1st degree tear. It freaking sucks. I'm trying to keep the faith that it might improve, but it's hard. I'm being fitted for a pessary tomorrow and have started on topical estrogen cream to see if that helps. Also starting to use a Pericalm under the advice of my physio to see if that helps.

Umirrific Thu 23-Mar-17 06:20:17

I have found that although I continue to have a prolapse, my symptoms have improved over the first year post-partum after both children. I bf both for over a year. Also having my second child didn't make things any worse. I hope things improve for you 💐

whyistherenoavocadoemoji Thu 23-Mar-17 14:04:17

Smells I'd be interested to see if any of those things make a difference for you. I haven't looked into how pessarys help but know it's an option.

Umi good to know it doesn't always get worse.

smellsofelderberries Sun 26-Mar-17 11:35:03

why, my physio said it's because I have no muscular support right now so the pessary would be there to help while I build things up. Like someone with a knee injury wearing a knee brace. I hope these things will make a difference but I think it's going to be a case of waiting months/years to know. I think the hormones aren't helping either as everything is super flexible still.

Umi, I find that so heartening. I have been really upset that I don't know if I'll be able to bring myself to want to get pregnant again. I am hypermobile, so worry another pregnancy would make things worse. We'll see.

Rocket1982 Wed 29-Mar-17 07:57:27

What about a postnatal exercise program for strengthening your pelvic floor and core? I am doing mutu system and it has been great - I feel much stronger after 6 weeks. I had a prolapse after my first and it seems better now after my second!

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