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5 week baby all of a sudden can't burp

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Dunnodunno Sun 19-Mar-17 22:19:11

Up until now my baby has been absolutely brilliant at getting his wind up. These last 2 days he has just stopped and is rarely getting a burp up at all. Had used gripe water previously when it was taking a while before but today I've tried it twice today and it's just taken all his milk up. Have recently started making bottles with the powder as was only using the ready made before. Could this be why ? HV also said they have a growth spurt around now and could be windier before this started . Would a growth spurt stop him getting his wind up. My previous baby was awful at gettin his wind up from the minute he was born and was a very unsettled baby up until around 6 months , never slept longer than 20 mins at a time unless you were holiding him . The thought of going through this again is quite upsetting 😞

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