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I seem to be going a bit mad

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ShieldMamma Sun 19-Mar-17 17:54:49

I honestly can't tell what with all the sleep deprivation whether I've just totally lost perspective, or what. I gave birth nearly 4 months ago, sleep isn't going too well yet, but at least she's feeding like a champion. Trouble is, she's feeding so much that I'm not finding enough (to my current perception) time to eat and drink water. I struggled with eating disorders for years, and was left pretty much unable to gain any extra body fat, finally gaining enough weight to get pregnant by gaining muscle. I was really hoping to keep just some of the fat, redistributed, after the pregnancy as I really looked like a very skinny person trying to pass only muscle off as a fully fleshed out womanly body. Didn't work. But whenever I've tried to flag with the health visitor that I'm barely eating and feeling like hell on a plate, she cheerfully informs me that I'll just blow through the fat stores from the pregnancy. But I thought eating mattered. I know the NHS has gone a bit- not to put too fine a point on it- pro ana, but isn't the recent low fat crap being pushed on pregnant women a bit much?

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