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Recovery from tearing

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fizzingwhizbee Sun 12-Mar-17 16:34:14

Hi all

I had my DS 2 years ago and had a long second degree tear.

After about 2 weeks it got more painful rather than less. I saw the GP who told me my stitch had come undone at one end and was starting to "unravel" sad. I also had an infection. She phoned the hospital but they told her that they don't do repair jobs on existing stitches as it carries too much risk of infection.

I'm now pregnant for the second time and along with all the other usual delightful pregnancy symptoms, my fanjo has been swollen for months and with this, the reminder that it's still very sore where my stitch was.

Prior to this it mostly only hurt when me and DH have sex.

Plus, I haven't been able to wear tampons since having my son. It's sanitary towels only for me as it's just too uncomfortable otherwise.

I've asked a couple of friends who've had kids and it seems that it's fairly unusual to still hurt. I just thought I would come on MN to get a wider consensus.

I'm guessing that once this baby is born, I need to request to see a gynaecologist. But can anyone offer me their experience please?

I'm having a planned caesarean this time round for other medical reasons. So I won't be tearing again this time.

fizzingwhizbee Sun 12-Mar-17 19:20:29


koalab Wed 15-Mar-17 08:18:19

Hi, I'm 14 weeks post partum and had a second degree tear. We don't have 6week checks here but I wasn't feeling right so saw my GP and they said it was infected and hadn't healed well. It's feeling much better after antibiotics but still not right, especially after I walk a fair distance. We haven't dtd yet blush. Anyway, apparently whoever stitched me up didn't do a tidy job and I've got a ridge where the skin has come together. Been referred to a gaenecologist (sp?) but there is a six month waiting list. They will then be able to tell if corrective surgery is needed.

I'd recommend you book a GP appointment . I had to mention what kind of check I wanted as they could then book me in with a female Dr and have a nurse present.

I hope you get it sorted!

fizzingwhizbee Wed 15-Mar-17 08:52:45

Thank you so much.

I will be asking for a GP referral once this baby is here.

I hope they get you sorted too and it's not 6 months before you see somebody xx

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