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First period after have baby.. help?

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kayleighb21 Sun 12-Mar-17 13:26:00

Today 13:22 kayleighb21

I had my baby boy 8 weeks ago and I bled for about 5 weeks after which I started the combined contraceptive pill. I started to bleed lightly about a week ago (so on about day 14 of my pill packet) and now I am on my first 7 day break from taking it so really my first period and it is SO heavy. I am passing massive clots, soaking through maternity pads and just feel drained and awful with terrible cramps.. is this normal?

DirtyDancing Sun 12-Mar-17 22:05:35

Were your periods this heavy before you got pregnant? I think it would be worth speaking to your GP or midwife and see what they say, in case you have a little infection or something. Also make sure you ask for your iron levels to be checked as well (insists on a blood test) as with that much blood loss you could be anaemic. Are you bottle feeding? Makes sense to have a period already if you are, if you are breastfeeding it's unusual to have a period

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