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Recovery from section/infection

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babyblabber Wed 22-Feb-17 21:20:41

Anyone have 3 sections and if so, how long was your recovery from the 3rd one?

Or anyone get an infection in their wound?

I found first one easy to recover from, 2nd one a bit worse but still fine. This time it seems so much harder. I had a bit of pain in the days after the section, never had that before as usually painkillers masked it.

I'm now 2 weeks post section and the wound is infected so am on antibiotics. I feel like this is a real setback that will delay my recovery by a week or two. DH is back at work in a week and a half and I'm petrified of having to lift our 2 year old in and out of the cot for naps and push her in a buggy uphill on the school run.

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