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Bleeding again

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ExtraPineappleExtraHam Thu 19-Jan-17 09:51:00

DS is 9 weeks, I bled for the first six weeks and then stopped but have just started again. Is this a period or just my womb sorting itself out still? I'm exclusively breastfeeding however he does sleep through the night so I probably have a gap of 6/7 hours where he doesn't feed. I've just started taking the mini pill so maybe that's started it although I thought it would have the opposite effect. Midwives not calling back.

Sardines18 Thu 19-Jan-17 13:27:24

I would think it might be to do with the mini pill because I think it is quite common to have irregular bleeding on that?
Also I think if your baby sleeps through the night it could be possibly your period starting but more likely the mini pill.
I think if you had 3 weeks with no bleeding it's unlikely to still be lochia related. I was still bleeding at 9 weeks but it had never stopped for that long!

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