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Hip problems...12 months pp

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spydie Tue 17-Jan-17 13:01:40

I'm almost 12 months post partum and am having real issues with my hip.

I have had niggling pain ever since the delivery (forceps delivery in theatre, epidural etc), with flair ups of extreme pain causing me to really limp and hobble about, struggle to drive/use pedals etc.

Day to day though I have constant discomfort, pain when sitting/resting, pain horse riding, as well as lying on that side and it wakes me during the night.

I had a couple of bouts of irritable hip as a child, and ever since I have had episodes of a painful hip (similar to the flair ups but not as bad). But nothing like this.... the birth has obviously aggravated it. Birth wasn't fun, prior to the actual delivery I was induced and baby was back to back, and subsequently didn't turn completely and was chin up rather than tucked down. Has anyone else had hip issues following a less than straightforward birth?

I have been treated by physio, who is referring me back to GP. I apparently have an excellent range of movement in the joint, my strength is great and has significantly improved following the exercise regime but the pain remains, generally and on palpation. Need to see what GP recommends next, but looking to hear of any similar experiences or ideas.

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