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Recovering from c section

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MakiJ Fri 13-Jan-17 23:34:03

Hello smile I always rely on Mumsnet when it comes to crisis : this time I'm suffering from postnatal depression mainly caused by the c section I had 3 weeks ago.

The doctor decided to induce me since I was classed as high risk, intervention never worked so ended up with a c section. Basically I went through hell; 10 hours labour then c section, what made worse - me and baby got infection and had to stay in hospital for 7 days, over Christmas.. I was in agony, no time to "enjoy" being a new mum and welcoming my son to the world..

My body now looks like it belongs to someone else I don't even recognise myself, gigantic boobs, black lines, bruises, scars, stitches and looking like 6 months pregnant.. I can't hold my own baby because of the severe pain, when breastfeeding I have to hold him like a rugby ball sad

Making me feel like I'm just a failed mum, affecting my body confidence (not that I has a model body before, I never had these damages and pain..)

I expected sleepless nights feeding the baby but I'm suffering from the pain which is mega frustrating I can't do simple duties ; cuddling my own baby and bonding. I'm starting to feel my newborn baby will not know his mum cos someone else (friends and relatives) can do what I can't do, baby seems comfortable in others chests confused

Anyway, if anyone has had c section I would like to know how you recovered both mentally and physically..

Thank you in advance flowers

Beachmum85 Mon 16-Jan-17 18:45:45

You poor thing!! I had a section 7 weeks ago, and was in terrible pain for a couple of weeks, then my incision got a bit infected so I had to take antibios, which prolonged the recovery. But at 6weeks I turned a real corner and am now able to lift, drive, do everything for DS.

What's impossible now is juggling a hungry newborn and a 3.5yr old!

It's gets better, hang in there. I know some mums recover a lot quicker than I did too. flowers

PaulaBBB Mon 16-Jan-17 18:51:10

The giant boobs will settle soon. Same for the stitches and tummy. Most people don't ping back in to shape so just be gentle on yourself. Your body needs time to heal and you need to not be so hard on yourself.

I bet you are doing a wonderful job, can you have some days where you just lay in bed with baby and don't move apart from getting your own food and drink? I loved days like that and would just spend time with my babies and let them feed as much as they wanted and I could rest. Skin to skin is great for bonding and for your milk.

MakiJ Mon 16-Jan-17 22:58:15

Aww thank you for your advice and help smile you've made my day flowers

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