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Pelvic floor toner

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Cranb0rne Fri 23-Dec-16 20:09:52

Has anyone tried one and found it effective? I have stress incontinence after having 2 big babies (2nd is nearly 1) and it means that things like running are difficult. I have recently got back into exercising but have to wear a big pad if I do any running and it makes me very self conscious. I really need to do something about it but I just hate doing kegels.

lovelearning Fri 23-Dec-16 20:12:13

Cranb0rne, try jade eggs.

Cranb0rne Fri 23-Dec-16 20:15:35

Thanks, will look them up smile

littleflappergirl Tue 03-Jan-17 22:38:59

I've just looked up jade eggs & their actual lumps of jade is this correct? Ha xx

Cranb0rne Thu 05-Jan-17 20:14:50

Yeah! It arrived in the post the other day but I haven't plucked up the courage to try it yet :D

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