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Exercise after C section

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MiniMaxi Fri 23-Dec-16 08:02:38

Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts / advice / experiences on starting to exercise again after C section. I mean properly exercise - going running, to gym etc.

Mine was ages ago now - 4 months - so obviously I'm well over the initial pain and tiredness, but have read it takes much longer for internal stitches etc to heal so you should stick to walking for a good while. How long is a piece of string?! TIA fsmile

Mama2708 Sun 25-Dec-16 01:14:10


I'm 4 months on as well and felt good enough to go the gym recently. My GP recommended swimming as it's quite gentle and lots of walking.

I used to use lots of weights but I was moving some heavy bags of books around the house this week and my scar has been sore ever since 🙈 Maybe be careful on any heavy exercises even if you do feel great!

I've found that lots of walking has been fine for myself and I do feel like I've done exercise afwards, you know that nice feeling in your muscles?

Good luck x

mimiholls Fri 30-Dec-16 19:46:40

I started running (very slow and gently) at 6 weeks though I've never had any pain in my scar and seemed to heal quite quickly. I think just listen to your body and don't overdo anything. You can start really slow and just do something for a few minutes and see how you feel, then start gradually building up. Post natal pilates has also been great.

MiniMaxi Sat 31-Dec-16 12:14:32

Thanks both of you! Great to hear some first hand experiences. Am walking quite a bit - including carrying "baby who no longer likes his pram" wink - and been fine so might start stepping it up a bit. Happy New Year!

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