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High blood pressure after pregnancy

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Youngoldmum Thu 22-Dec-16 09:22:29

Hi everyone. During both my pregnancies I suffered with high blood pressure (not pre eclampsia) but with DD1 it returned to normal days after delivery.
Just been given labitolol as 2.5 weeks on from delivery with DD2 I've still got high blood pressure at 180/105. Just wondering if anyone's had similar experiences and how long it took to return to normal and come off the medication. The tablets make me feel weird!
Thanks in advance x

siddis Sat 24-Dec-16 14:27:03

I also had high blood pressure (no pre-eclampsia) during both my pregnancies and was on labetolol.

After DC1 I came off the medication straight after delivery and blood pressure went back to normal.

After DC2 I was told the medication was no longer necessary, but was readmitted to hospital 1 week later as my blood pressure shot through the roof and had to stay in hospital for a few days while they kept an eye on me. Everyone I spoke to said I should not have been told to just stop taking the drugs. I had to take labetalol three times a day and then slowly weaned off (went to the GP every 2 weeks to be checked).

It is now 10 weeks since having baby and have just stopped taking tablets. Hope everything returns to normal for you soon!

Youngoldmum Mon 26-Dec-16 14:53:05

Thanks for replying. I'm also on labetalol but only twice a day. It's brought down my BP but the tablets make me feel like crap, really drowsy and fuzzy. Hope I'm not on them for long as it's really getting me down

DeliciouslyHella Tue 27-Dec-16 17:04:54

Hope you've had a good Xmas and the labetalol hasn't made you too fuzzy.

I'm was put on labetalol at 30 weeks pregnant and was eventually induced at 38 weeks due to high BP despite the medication. I then had to also take nifedipine postnatally as my BP was not at an acceptable level.

I am still on labetalol now 16 months later - however, I'm very much told that isn't the norm. Most women's blood pressure returns to normal within a few weeks and they can discontinue the medication. Mine just didn't, so I'm much better off on the medication. I now take a tiny dose (50mg twice a day) and my BP sits around 110/70.

DrDiva Tue 27-Dec-16 17:26:33

I had HELLP syndrome, so maybe a bit different - the day of DS's prem birth my blood pressure was 205/130. I was one of the lucky few for whom birth didn't cure it, and was on labetalol and nifedipine for six months. Then just as suddenly it all went away and I have been fine since 🙂

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