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anxious all the time - can't relax - a problem or just being a mum?

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BBLucy1891 Wed 21-Dec-16 21:13:46

My baby girl is a year old now, and I've had the most amazing year of my life. I love being a mum, which is quite unexpected as I was never the "maternal" type. I had a tough enough upbringing/early life, was always a "worrier" but no mental health issues as such. I'm fortunate now to have a lovely, healthy baby, a supportive and loving partner, a job (study) which is flexible and I get to stay at home with my baby (although it is tough studying and looking after her at the same time and also we do have some money/housing worries). The thing is, while I know I'm fortunate I cannot stop worrying! Feel anxious in the pit of my stomach and have to remind myself to breath. I'm worried about everything from illness to kidnapping, future bullying to climate change, global calamity...I'm worried that (as happened to me) she will fall victim to sexual assault or violence...I don't know how to protect her. I'm worried as much about global events as individual ones - Trump, the rise of the right, environmental pollution, animal cruelty. I can't switch off - it's like my mind is racing with all the cruelty in the world and I feel I'm drowning in it. I'm totally overcome with a desire to shelter my daughter. I know a certain amount of such feelings are normal, but I need a break (or tranquilisers!). Can anyone relate? Or does anyone have any tips for relaxation? I do yoga and I try to meditate but I'm short of helps but I'm also breastfeeing so keeping it healthy :-) TIA

H0p3 Wed 21-Dec-16 23:38:56

Hi BB. I have no advice but wanted to say I'm there with you. My daughter is only 4 weeks old but the anxiety and fear is overwhelming. I know it's early days for me but all those things you've listed go round my head regularly as well. Having suffered with anxiety for most of my adult life I probably should have expected it but really did not. Not like this anyway. I find the global stuff most scary l think as it's out of my control. My mom swears by the yoga and meditation and has suffered badly with anxiety and depression until she took these up. If you find a less time consuming solution let me know!

MummyStep123 Wed 21-Dec-16 23:40:59

DD is 2 and in a reassuring way I think this is a normal level of anxiety. You just want to protect your child.

wishparry Wed 21-Dec-16 23:48:02

Bb-I bet you're anxious!have you ever had councelling for what you have been through?
I haven't had things like that happen to me,but occasionally I do cry out to the world "what the fuck is going on?we are all human aren't we????what the fluff? you love your dd dearly and you will do all you can protect her-which is aĺl that's humanly possible!please don't let those worries hold you

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