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Constantly exhausted

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Moominy12 Sat 17-Dec-16 13:07:19

I'm at my wits end and seriously need some advice.

Long story short. Had my first baby July 2015 after an awful pregnancy. 2 months after having my baby I had my gallbladder taken out then 6 months later I was experiencing shocking fatigue was genuinely affecting my life which I put down to being a mum. When I started to fall asleep sitting up, I decided to go doctors.

Found out my b12 was extremely low so had the injections ever since every 3 months. Yet I'm still very tired, not as bad but still to the point it's affecting day to day life.

In may this year doctor suspected pnd so got put on tablets which my my mood better but fatigue worse so said I wanted off them.

Now I'm reaching breaking point. I'm just so tired every single day where I have to nap and get my mum to watch my daughter.

All bloods are fine and nothing seems to be helping me. I just want to cry with frustration. It's ever since I had my daughter.

Please help! Has someone else been through this and found out what it was?!

divadee Thu 05-Jan-17 19:41:09

It could be chronic fatigue syndrome. Some areas have chronic fatigue clinics but it can be a push to get some gp's and medical professionals to agree that this condition exists.

I have M.E and was diagnosed earlier this year and it sounds exactly what you may have. The constant exhaustion no matter how little you do.

And as an aside. Lazy people don't get chronic fatigue..... No matter that people may say to you, all experts in the field say it's people who keep going and try and fight through it that end up with CFS or ME

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