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Is this PMT??

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Aristacat1 Wed 14-Dec-16 06:53:46

Hi. I have a mostly happy lo who is 14 months old.When I first had her my hormones were crazy and that with sleep deprivation was horrible. As she now sleeps through mostly and is older my hormones have settled but I have absolute rages sometimes over tiny things such if lo doesnt sleep at nap time or she wakes up early. Sometimes she does these things I am fine and sometimes not. My husband told my me I have gone nuts and should see myself. I have always been a happy but emotional person but would cry easierly but never quite this angry. I just want to scream at the wall and then feel better. Should I see a doctor? I feel a bit crazy and don't know what to do.

TheresALight Thu 22-Dec-16 00:01:43

Hi Aristacat, your post sounds like me since my baby was born 7 months ago.
I wasn't site if I had PND, PMT or was just shit at adapting to motherhood.
The last few months I kept a log of any 'meltdowns' that Ive had on a period traking app and can see that they are worst the week leading up to my period.
I went to the GP last week and have started sertraline. My GP said that she thinks it seems to work well for women with hormonal depression /anxiety.
How are you feeling now?

Kione Sat 21-Jan-17 18:20:46

I can't write much now but please google PMDD, Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder.
You need to track your symptoms for 3 months or so and see if there is a pattern.

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