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Am I depressed or dramatic?

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Jellie2408 Mon 28-Nov-16 16:43:24


My DD is 4 months, she's such a good girl I feel overwhelming guilt in my chest just writing this. I got her into a routine quite early on of going down for naps in the day, but now she will only nap in her crib and if I go anywhere when it's nap time she will scream, refuse to be BF and not stop until we're back home so I'm not getting out very often and when I do it's very stressful

She's also teething at the minute and as awful as it sounds I dread her waking. I worry quite a lot that I'm going to drop her or something awful is bound to happen to her soon. Some days I'm fine but I'm noticing myself feeling more and more guilty/scared every passing day. My partner works constantly and I get visitors I would say once a week maybe.

I don't know if I need to see the dr or just get on with it, I also struggle to talk about my feelings most of all with my partner, even if I want to tell him something I just can't get it out.

Anyone feeling similar/have advice to help?
Would be greatly appreciated!

elliej83 Wed 30-Nov-16 22:52:53

The worrying something bad may happen and the guilty/scared feelings are 100% symptoms of anxiety which might be caused by PND. Have a chat with your doctor and post that if you're brace enough your partner. Perhaps say I was chatting to the doctor and he asked how I was feeling and we came to the conclusion together I'm a bit anxious? My partner is for more understanding than I expected x

julfin Fri 16-Dec-16 04:13:05

Hey, just seen this. How are you doing? Your situation does sound really tough, with the indoor naps and all that time for you in the house.

Did you see the doctor? I'd definitely recommend it. I didn't have depression but I did have post-natal anxiety, and I must say that the help I received (once it was diagnosed) was excellent - so if you haven't already sought help, please do!

I'd suggest asking your GP and HV if they can refer you to your "perinatal mental health" service. Through them you may be able to access either cognitive behavioural therapy or group sessions with other mums who are similarly finding it tough. It's really helpful to have a local support network of other mums who are actually willing to acknowledge that it's difficult and to help each other (which isn't always the case with people you meet through regular mum&baby groups).

It's great that you've come on here to seek help/advice too.

Have you been able to talk to your partner too? I think it can be really hard for partners to understand how difficult the postnatal phase is.

Hope things are starting to go better for you x

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