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What were your periods like after birth??

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MummyGirks Tue 22-Nov-16 11:04:30

Hi all

I have been breastfeeding my nearly 8months old, we started weaning at 4 and a half months and she slept through the night at 3months, we are down to just morning and evening feeds and quick drink at tea time. I haven't started having my periods again yet but in the last few days I have had pink spotting. We had unprotected sex about 5 weeks ago but have done cheap test and was negative so pretty sure not pregnant although have been having some pregnancy signs but am assuming it's just my period coming back now especially as I have been particularly moody had few little cramps and lower back aches. What was every bodies first period like, is this the beginning spotting?? I kind of imagined horrendous heavy unpleasant first period!?

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