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stating antidepressants for PND/anxiety

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daydream86 Wed 26-Oct-16 18:22:54

just wanting a hand hold really and hoping for stories where people can tell me they were ok. my baby is 23 days old, had a traumatic emergency c section after a 56 hour long failed induction. spent 5 nights in hospital where i slept all of about 7 hours in total over that while
period. have had past issues with insomnia and anxiety mainly focused on sleep, but only ever medicated 4 years ago and been ok since then. on day 4 my milk came in and I had major baby blues with anxiety and was sstarted diazepam corse for 5 days, I started to feel loads better but this week DP has gone back to work and I feel totally out of control again. getting everything done for my baby girl. in day shes lovely and sleeps soundly for hours, but at night she's very noisy, grunty,!coughing and restless and unsettled for hours at a time and i'm not sleeping again as Inhear every sound. the first weeks at home this wasn't a problem she could sleep 3 hours after a bottle at night. I know this is normal for babies but sin feel a total lack of being able to cope and future feels really bleak right now. last night I cracked i had one hour sleep before DP brought daughter to bed then couldn't settle her til gone 2.30 with multiple bottle feeds in that time. sent DP to sleep on sofa at midnight so he wouldn't be distrubed as he's up at 6 for work. i rang samaritans at 2.30. i just wanted someone to talk to without disturbing my lovely DP. she woke again at 3.30 for feed then i decided to bring her downstairs to him and took my last diazepam. maybe got another hour sleep after thatbeven though she was in a different room I couldn't sleep. he brought her back to me at 7am. today am exhausted. was able to see the GP again who has started me on fluoxetine for PND/ anxiety and some low strength diazepam for as required,
only a small amount (7) to last 14 days. have not had opportunity to try and catch up this afternoon and still feeling wired anyway so probs wouldn't drop off if I tried. It's going to get better, isn't it? I love my daughter but sometimes i wish I could hand her over to someone and have my old life back. the relentlessness and responsibility is overwhelming me :-(

Wolfiefan Wed 26-Oct-16 18:26:59

It is of course going to get better and easier. You just need to find a way to get through these early weeks. Have you any friends or family nearby who could pop in?

daydream86 Wed 26-Oct-16 18:44:57

my mum can come some days and my sister in law was round today. I've been doing everything for my baby with minimal help just moral support really. If I have another really bad night I'm scared to be alone with her all day tomorrow for the first time, which is my plan. I could call on my mum as she has a week off this week but next week she will be at work and I won't have that resource so i feel info need to go it alone one day this week. other friends are great to text but have kids and can't come over. I find a lot of visitors overwhelming x

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