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Hair loss post partum

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Clareyfairy24 Sun 23-Oct-16 11:44:16

I had my second child 16 weeks ago and I know your hair starts falling out post partum but second time around seems much worse I can see patches of much thinner areas across my hairline at the front, I'm too embarrassed to wear my hair up in public as it shows up, the hairline is totally uneven. This morning I noticed a big circular area that's so thin... I feel it's getting worse. Trying not to worry as it's a vicious cycle I know but never experienced hair loss on this scale. FYI I haven't actually noticed clumps coming out so it must be very gradual. Did anyone else experience this?

ImperialBlether Sun 23-Oct-16 11:48:33

I had this, particularly with my first baby. My hair was all over the house and if I drew my hair back into a pony tail, it was the thickness of a pigtail compared to how it was usually.

I spoke to the doctor and he said it would stop at 6 months and it did, to the day. At that point I could feel a kind of crew cut growing through underneath and that was the end of the hair loss.

It is horrible when it's happening, but it will stop.

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