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The mirena coil

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youngmummy3105 Tue 11-Oct-16 23:03:16

I had the Mirena put in 8 weeks after my emergency c-section and on the day I was due to have it put in I started my period, however it was extremely light and lasted two days. Since then I haven't had a period. This was 11 weeks ago, I have very light bleeding quite a lot, randomly and also the next day after sex sometimes although that has died down now and doesn't really happen anymore. It is very light to the point where I have to put tissue in my pants rather than a pad. Why is this? Is it normal? What does it mean?

Bubspub Sun 30-Oct-16 18:56:33

Yes it's normal, you can be left having no periods at all, or just very light ones. Don't know the science behind it but I have one and have the same thing. I think it's great x

youngmummy3105 Sun 30-Oct-16 19:35:43

Bubspub : I agree I think it's great too! Just wasn't sure if it was normal or not! Thank yousmile x

Bubspub Sun 30-Oct-16 19:54:09

Yes it's a total bonus! I only wish I'd got mine sooner, I think they're brilliant x

phoebe2016 Sun 30-Oct-16 20:11:44

Hi OP, it is totally normal. I had 2 mirena coils in the space of 10yrs and I had no periods the whole time. It was great! Lol. Most people find they either get lighter or stop altogether.

AuditAngel Mon 31-Oct-16 00:24:34

Mine only came back when coil was overdue for replacing

IhatchedaSnorlax Mon 31-Oct-16 00:32:45

As others said, totally normal. I get light spotting each month - barely anything at all.

2Bottledup Mon 31-Oct-16 00:59:03

Lucky you, lol.

I had one fitted at the start of the year as I'd been bleeding almost continuously for 8months (very heavily) and I still haven't really stopped bleeding yet, apart from the odd week here and there. It isn't as heavy anymore though. Found out that I had endometriosis at the same time.

onecrazycook Thu 22-Dec-16 20:23:00

I too have had a Mireya fitted, in my case, following a miscarriage. I had it put in during my ERPC in October and have only had 14 non bleeding days since. I'm having far worse period pains than before and i haven't had sex now since September. So fed up

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