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Why is my belly so gross?

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Idud Tue 11-Oct-16 22:46:42

OK, not health, more looks, but why?
I'm 5 months pp, had an emc. My belly is all flappy and squashy and so really soft, ok i wasn't exactly immensely toned before, but now it's more flabby and soft than its ever been.
I do fit into majority of my old clothes but none of my jackets close nicely on my belly anymore. They're tight on my belly or just won't do up full stop sad

Is that normal after all this time? When are you supposed to go back to normal, that's if it ever does go back to normal...

I genuinely still look pregnant. And i know that isn't normal. In the weeks after I hear it's normal, but all this time?

strawberrypenguin Wed 12-Oct-16 12:14:10

I'd say fairly normal. My DS2 is 4 months and I've still got a bigger than usual belly. Some of it will be excess skin where it was stretched. TBH my tummy has never been the same since DS1!

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