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Going back on the pill - forgive my ignorance!

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fruityb Sun 09-Oct-16 19:01:47

I am having my 8 week post natal check in two weeks but want to go back on the pill ASAP. I'm six weeks post section but feel happy enough to give sex a whirl again but obviously don't want to get pregnant again this soon! It took two years to conceive DS but it would be just my luck to end up pregnant within two months of having him lol.

I went on the pill at 20 and came off it at 32 so am a little out of the loop. I haven't had a period yet, I'm still breast feeding ish but am down to one feed a day to settle the boobs as DS is formula fed on account of the fact I couldn't keep up! Do I need to wait to have a period to go back on the pill or can I just crack back on again? Do I have to wait till the 8 week check? We haven't actually had sex for a while as I had such a big bump and I am really quite ready and willing to get back in the saddle. Anyone know the answer? Thanks smile

MrsMac1397 Sat 15-Oct-16 02:27:49

At my 6 week check I was told to take the pill on the first day of my period. I'm still waiting for it to arrive.

Lookinatu Sat 15-Oct-16 03:18:08

I went 2 weeks ago (5 weeks post dd birth) and was given the mini pill. I hadn't started a period at this point and the doctor said to just take it from that day.

icklekid Sat 15-Oct-16 03:54:58

You can get an appointment before check to get contraception advise. If you are bf you need the mini pill but either way I wouldn't just take what you were using before conceiving (although I can't say why I just wouldn't!!!)

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