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Husband in desperate need of help!

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user1473966940 Thu 15-Sep-16 20:48:38

First post on here, and I do so as a desperate husband and dad who needs help advice and guidance on people's post pregnancy health.
My wife gave birth to our SS on 13/07/2016, during birth she had placenta previa, the week before our section date we were sent for an ultra sound, which showed that the placenta had moved, which initially came as a shock but we came to the conclusion that it was good news.
On the 12/07 we were induced and gave birth the day after.
All was well during labour, but Kat suffered grazing, no idea why they are called grazed, they were more like gashes. After reading up, the best thing she found that helped sooth the pain was witch hazel. Two week later we were finally getting somewhere, grazers easing off and general pain etc becoming more bearable. The following Saturday we came up against another hurdle, Kat had woken up in a massive puddle of blood, and had lost a clot about the size of the palm off your hand. So straight to hospital, after being observed for a few hour we were sent home, being told whatever it was she must have passed it, later that evening, the bleeding had started again, this time it was leaking out like a running tap. So back to hospital, where she had to spend four nights. At this point we were sent for an ultrasound and told that it was retained products, the products being part of the membrane left behind during birth. So another night in hospital with some suppository to help contract the uterus and pass the membrane naturally. That night she lost another large clot, which the doctors just presumed, we don't even think they looked at it, and that it was the membrane, and we were never sent for a second scan to confirm this. From here she was put on two courses of antibiotics, which although have stopped any infection but have caused a severe case of gastroenteritis. We have since been given a second ultrasound which cleared up that there was no longer any retained products, but the long wait (around 5 week) since the last one and pretty much constant bleeding for seven week, which has now come to an end but there is still some inconsistent bleeding every so often, not sure if they are periods or not, we are currently 9 week postpartum. Another side effect of the antibiotics seems to have caused cystitis, very bad diorhea and what my wife describes as something with very sharp finger nails trying to crawl out of her and scratching her insides up. We've seen numerous midwives, doctors, nurses and consultants, but still seem to have on going issues. So if you've managed to read this far, my question is, has anyone suffered anything like this or similar, and have any help or advise, my wife is a great mum and has still continued with everything she has to, with me not being able to get any more time off work. We both just want answers and I'd thought here might be a good place to get some. Thanks for reading. There's been that much going on, so I may have missed bits out.

ChocolateForAll Tue 20-Sep-16 21:08:36

Gosh, this sounds so awful! I can't offer any advice but wanted to wish her better. I'm sure someone more knowledgable will be along soon. flowers

user1473966940 Tue 20-Sep-16 21:36:54

Thank you for your well wishes!

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