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Baby blues or more?

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PeppaPigStinks Mon 12-Sep-16 14:36:18

I had my third dc on the 1st September.

Today I feel teary and flat.

I have had a few teary moments a couple of times but today I just feel so flat and anxious.

It's not helped because I am struggling to feed and baby is still looking jaundiced. I went to a breastfed group today and the lady pointed out Dc still looked jaundiced - though I think baby looks better!

What can I do.

I also had a c section so am trying to take it easy - usually I'd get out in the fresh air and keep busy!

Kmoggy Wed 21-Sep-16 16:05:35

Omg snap! Was just about to do a post about it. Had my 3rd on 1st Sep and sp flat and not myself today. Could cry but I dunno what about! Ranging from frustration, anxiety or bad mood. Was actually just wondering when your out the baby blue zone?? I thought u only got them 4-6 days after birth!
Are you breast feeding? I have a continue sore head today and just want to crawl under duvet. Got visitors coming today and can't be arsed with them.

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