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6 week check up....

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littleladybird14 Thu 01-Sep-16 02:10:43

So today I had my 6 week post natal check up at the doctors with DD. I had a few things on my mind to raise as concerns and suffering with anxiety I really needed some reassurance. Anyway to cut a long story short in at a new doctors surgery since moving house earlier in the year and the last gp who dealt with my anxiety issues and really 'knew' me is obviously at my old surgery...I miss her a lot after my experience today!

So I arrive around 2 mins late for my appointment and am seen almost straight away, apologise profusely explaining baby needed feeding and case of bad timing! He was fine about this and started straight into appt. General 'how are you' I said fine and smiled expecting him to start more detailed questions re stitches, check stomach, blood pressure, iron tablets post birth due to low iron, don't know just more questions, but that was it! Asked if I'd stopped bleeding and then what contraceptives going forward. Told him what pill I was on so he said he'd give me a prescription for more. Then said right baby's turn now. At which point I asked him about concerns re some stomach muscle feelings which he dismissed as post natal and everything will resolve soon enough. That was it!

To be fair he was great with my DD and did all the checks and made a real fuss of her which was lovely.

At the end he basically sent me on my way with my prescription for the pill and that was it. In fact it's only when I've opened my bag from the chemist I find out after 15yrs of being on microgynon he's swapped me to a diff pill - apparently the same but different brand. Even something seemingly minor like this makes me anxious as hate the thought of potential change and new side effects.

Can I ask what happened at others 6 week check up? I don't want to complain to new doctors and get a bad name for myself but at the same time don't feel I've had a thorough check up?!?

Rose2806 Sat 03-Sep-16 06:59:01

Mine was slightly better as they did check blood pressure and whether my uterus had contacted down, they weren't very helpful with questions about my tummy though, I didn't press it as I knew I had split abs and thought I just had to do gentle exercise and wait for them to get better. Turns out I should have been referred to a physio as the split is quite large, there is a 3 month waiting list where I am so have ended up going private as I really want to get it sorted and exercise properly again. I felt like I was being pushed out the door so quickly that even on my second visit I forgot to ask all my questions!

I'd book to go back but ask for a female doctor so you don't feel bad about asking for someone else, and take a list of questions with you xx

julfin Sat 03-Sep-16 20:43:12

Just had my 6 week check too. I didn't have blood pressure or tummy checked but I don't have any concerns - would have asked if I did. My check basically consisted of the GP answering any questions I had - he was very helpful in that respect but not proactive in asking me things or examining me. I asked him about periods returning, different options for contraceptives, what exercise I can/can't do, and we discussed my post-natal anxiety. For baby's 8 week check I'll likewise go with a list of questions.

Are you suffering from anxiety or other specific concerns/issues at the mo? If you are, it's worth asking for a double appointment. That gives you more time to ask all your Qs and get sufficient attention/time. Otherwise they're obliged to get you in&out in ten minutes.

Combined pills (ie oestrogen and progesterone) aren't suitable while breastfeeding. If you are BF, microgynon is therefore not an option. GP can talk you through them.

If you have more questions, search for the July babies post-natal thread, where you'll find lots of friendly and helpful ladies going through the same sort of stuff.

All the best! Oh - and congratulations!

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