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Incontinence post birth - desperate for advice

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emmabrown123 Sun 28-Aug-16 14:12:09

Just wondering if anyone has any experience of this?

Had DS2 two days ago. Long 3 day for labour but active stage was just 12 hours.

Had an epidural which didn't fully work (only down one side), also had diamorphine and G&A.
Pushing stage was 45 mins. Had a 2nd degree tear (midwife and Drs were querying whether it was a 3rd degree but changed their minds), fair few stitches.

I had an intermittent catheter to drain my bladder before I started pushing.

Since the birth I have been completely incontinent of urine. When I stand my bladder just lets everything go and once it's started I can't stop it. Have had no sensation of my bladder being full - unsure whether this is because it's constantly leaking, or because it's lost sensation.

Have been doing lots of pelvic floors and have got to the point where I can stand from the sofa without peeing if I consciously squeeze and hold as hard as possible. But as soon as I do another movement (walk, bend forward etc) I can't hold it. Normally by the time I actually reach the toilet and sit my bladder is empty because all the urine leaked out on the way.

Doctors don't really know why it's so severe (pelvic floor was OK pre labour) and have just said I need to wait and see what happens over the next few days.

I'm utterly miserable. I have a long line of people wanting to come and visit us and the new baby and I'm refusing them all because I'm so embarrassed that I'm constantly weeing myself. I can't even contemplate going out anywhere.

If anyone has any experience, any ideas of how to manage this or any advice at all I'd be so so grateful.

ambermacy Tue 30-Aug-16 19:36:07

Hi this exact thing happened to me a little bit in my story:

-long labour 48 hours unable to empty bladder so have to have intermittent catheter during labour
-epidural/forceps/3rd degree tear
-incontinent as soon as I stood out of bed on ward and every time after- so embarassinh!

A women's physio was sent to me and a consultant before discharge who were really helpful. They said my bladder had become enlarged and was retaining too much probably caused during labour and stretched along with damage to pelvic floor through stirrups prolonged pushing and forceps. I was sent home with a catheter for a week to rest my bladder then returned for a trial without catheter test which tests how much urine is retained. I failed this so went home for another week with a catheter and returned for another twoc this time i passed. I then went into have 3 months of women's physio and hydrotherapy to strengthen my pelvic floor.

Please please please get a referral and get more help on this. 6 months down the line I am nearly as I was before baby and I'm so pleased I got help. At the time I was mortified returning home with catheter bit now that is a distant memory .

Hope you get better soon xx

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