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As with all health-related issues, please seek advice from a RL health professional if you're worried about anything.

Painful breast after breastfeeding cessation

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BluebellSpirit Tue 23-Aug-16 22:58:27

I've just given up breastfeeding after 12 months and my left breast is very painful. Not the actual breast itself, but the muscles or tendons supporting it.

Now I'm yelping out in pain whenever I take my bra off. I withdrew feeds gradually and stopped altogether 4 weeks ago and the pain only started a few days ago. I have a sharp cutting pain down the side of breast and into the armpit, only on my left breast (the smaller one). As you would expect they feel deflated and are a bit saggy. I have large breasts so a lot of weight there for the muscles and tendons to hold.

I'm not sure whether to go to doctor or not. What could it be? There is no fever or red/hot patches on boob, so I don't think it is mastitus. Could it be a pulled muscle? Transitioning into a regular, non-nursing bra?

I have been on painkillers, applying hot and cold packs. Nothing working.

Thing is I work ages away from home, so cannot just nip to doctor and anyway getting an appointment is difficult. Any suggestions or advice please? Should I book an appointment to get it checked out?

SpaceDinosaur Tue 23-Aug-16 23:03:24

Yelping in pain would have me making an appointment OP.

BluebellSpirit Tue 23-Aug-16 23:42:12

Thanks SpaceDinosaur - I just thought I might be able to wait it out if it is not an infection (mastitus), trying not to be a wimp about it. I remember just how painful breastfeeding was in early days and I just had to wait until it passed. I guess I'm expecting the same after stopping breastfeeding.

I'm going to call GP first thing and ask for an appointment.

FetchezLaVache Tue 23-Aug-16 23:45:47

I had this (but not as severe as yours sounds, poor thing!) and like you, the pain started quite a while after the last feed. I would advise you go to the GP, for peace of mind as much as anything! She had a good feel and said it would go away in time, which it did.

Would a sports bra maybe help, for a bit more support until everything settles down?

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