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Bit of the baby blues

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Christine88 Fri 12-Aug-16 23:07:40

Just a little post to say that i had ds2 nearly 8 weeks ago and I've been feeling really positive and happy, had horrendous baby blues with my ds1 but thought I'd dodged a bullet this time! But for the last week I've literally cried at the drop of a hat!
Partner had to work late today so he came home bathed the boys and then went back to work after a quick dinner, I literally sobbed for the first hour he was gone! Just wondering at what point it's worth going and talking to some one...bearing in mind it'll probably start ok then end with me crying so much I can't get my words out or downplaying it and saying I don't feel that bad...sad

LumpishAndIllogical Sat 13-Aug-16 13:24:42

Aww poor you. Sorry can't offer much advice! I also have a nearly 8 week old and an older DS so I know how much it can be hard work and feel very lonely when DP/H isn't around. I don't have any family that close by either.

I think baby blues is only supposed to be in early weeks so definitely try to talk to someone, maybe GP. Also do you have any family close? When you tell someone maybe use what you have written here, be easier maybe?


Christine88 Sat 13-Aug-16 18:57:19

I've only really got my sister but she has 3 young kids and works so I don't see her that often, i don't speak to my parents and my partner only has a brother so not many people about. I have a good circle of friends and I try to get out everyday and do something but as soon as I'm home or by myself I find myself completely overwhelmed with responsibility and jobs and worries. I'm going to get my baby weighed next week so I'll speak to the hv then

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