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Baby screen time (small tweak needed)

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heartmummyblog Thu 28-Jul-16 21:47:50

I wanted to start by saying I bloody love mumsnet! It's been a saviour on more than one occasion but I'm here asking for a small tweak....because I also love peppa pig and hey Duggee - ok well, I don't love them but I love that I get a few moments to re balance, calm down, check my phone, go to the toilet by myself etc.

I'm a mother to a beautiful 18 month old baby boy who has just by chance been very unwell. This has affected me / us hugely and I'm working my way out of post natal depression. One of my symptoms was judging myself against the 'ideal' mum. This mum would never let her child watch tv, they would use a sling all the time ( and not an easy one, she would have the long fabric one that baffles everyone else), they would only have organic food, never be tired and would be able to have an adult conversation whilst being with the baby - mumsnet I challenge you to find this mum! I think I have just had a small break through and just realised that she doesn't really exist.

So can the 'no screen time' mum please not judge and can we tweak it to add an * which could mean that ideally we wouldn't have CBeebies on but mum is tired, not well and needs a moment and that is totally ok!

Hawkmoth Thu 28-Jul-16 21:54:41

Today my baby made an active effort to sit up and turn towards the telly when Star Trek came on. He stared avidly at the opening sequence. I felt pride.

I'm not that mum. I'm the use a sling because it stops him screaming mum. I'm the cook from scratch because thrown up jars are disgusting mum. I'm the please don't speak to me on the school run cos I've not cleaned my teeth mum.

Be kind to yourself.

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