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Cluster feeding hell

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CherieD2016 Sat 09-Jul-16 23:38:53

My three week old baby has literally cluster fed all day... It's been not stop since 4pm and it's now 23:34 and he's still suckling away.

I hate it, and can feel myself getting really stressed and close to making him a bottle.
I wanted to exclusively breast feed with my second as I never had the milk supply for my first son but I can't take it anymore.... I just want him off boobs but I'm literally switching him from boob to boob and have done now for 7 hours straight with the exception to leaving him to cry for 3 minutes while I went to pee!!!!

Please, what can I do to make him stop as I'm losing the will!!!!

I've already tried a dummy but he doesn't want it!

Coconut0il Sun 10-Jul-16 19:36:46

Hope you're ok today OP. The first weeks of cluster feeding are really tough. With DS2 I made myself comfortable and went with it, I did nothing but feed, feed, feed while DP bought me drinks and snacks. With DS1 I felt really down about it and he had one bottle of ready made formula from a couple of weeks old. Only one a day but it gave me a bit of a break.
It does pass, DS2 is 10 months now and can go 4/ 5 hours between feeds when in the beginning he wouldn't go 5 minutes.

alphaechokiwi Sun 10-Jul-16 19:51:03

My DD was exactly the same. It felt hellish - she fed for hours on end. I never knew babies would do that. I wanted to give up but she refused a bottle. Together with her lack of sleep (unless on me) I felt totally trapped.
I wish I had known, that someone had told me it would pass. She wasn't glued to my boobs all day for long. It passed in a few weeks.
Also, it won't kill anyone if your husband or partner takes the baby for 10/15 mins while you take a shower, wash your hair, eat something or go for a walk - whatever it takes for you to feel human again.
Get a comfy chair, make sure you have the remote, lots and lots of drinks, snacks etc and surrender to it. Alsp, I learned to feed lying down so I could get some sleep. Feeding for hours and hours is normal and will slowly pass. Look after yourself and try to relax. And if you give your baby a bottle -what harm.

alphaechokiwi Sun 10-Jul-16 19:51:46

Oops, I meant no harm done...

Idontknowwhoiam Wed 13-Jul-16 18:03:55

You won't get him off. If he wants it he wants it.
It's easier to just accept the fact your going to be stuck for a while and you'll be less stressed.
It won't be forever.
Just make sure to keep slapping thw nipple cream on between feeds to help with any discomfort.
Also remember that it's normal and not a sign he isn't getting enough.

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