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Pains months after c-section

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GipsyDanger Fri 08-Jul-16 12:09:03

I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this. I had a emcs coming up 4 months ago. I recovered very quickly and had no issues regarding the scar etc. I had the coil fitted about a month ago and last week I've started having a pain in my left side, down by my scar that shoots into my groin. It comes and goes, however last week it was so bad I couldn't lift ds for the pain and called nhs24 who got me an appointment. The doctor said that she could feel the threads of the coil (well, one of them) and didn't think it was that. She gave me a pregnancy test to rule out an etopic, was negative. She said that it may be my body starting to ovulate. I haven't had a period in over a year due to pregnancy, then ebf, then the coil. It has never been as bad as that day but it can still be very sore when it strikes. Like someone stabbing me with a knife, then dragging it downwards. When the doctor pressed on my stomach I was sore on the right side, on the 'internal scar' as I call it.

thumb3lina Thu 21-Jul-16 10:01:41

I had an EMCS 7 months ago and I have the same pain, it's mainly in what I also describe as my 'internal scar'. My scar is also quite painful so I've started wearing silicone patches over it, it's a keloid scar and I've been offered (steroid?) injections into the scar to help but I don't think it will help much as the internal part is most painful.

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