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Fibrotic tissue after forceps. Please help!

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MonkeyMum91 Sat 18-Jun-16 21:52:39

Hi, I'm just wondering if anyone has ever had anything similar to this as I'm going out of my mind with worry.
Almost 5 months ago I had my baby boy; I was induced with preeclampsia and eventually I had to be rushed to theatre for a forceps delivery. I had an episiotomy on delivery which seemed to heal fine. At my 6 week check I was told it all looked okay.
Around 8 weeks later me and dp attempted sex for the first time and it was excruciating and I bled very very lightly afterwards. Then dp felt a lump a few inches inside my vagina. I worried it was a prolapse but had a smear test just a few weeks later so I hoped for more info then.
When the nurse doing the smear put the speculum in I yelped out in pain and then proceeded to bleed quite heavily, this was 13 weeks after labour.
A few days later I started bleeding again randomly when I wasn't due on my period, it wasn't too heavy but was bright red and stopped shortly after. I went to the ER at the women's hospital. They looked (a lot more gently than the smear nurse at the docs!) and said I had fibrotic tissue on one side of my vaginal walls. I bled lightly again upon examination. The doctor said it could have been from the episiotomy (although it seems higher up inside to me) or just from the forceps themselves. She also said it could have been there before and it's now causing me problems. She wrote to my gp to refer me to gynae.
However my GP was reluctant to refer me just yet as I had already been referred back to the hospital for a post natal review I had requested due to my traumatic labour- she said they were likely to discuss how I have healed etc there, so would be pointless.
I will also add that I have since bled randomly on 2 more occasions, and every day I get heavy, yellow-ish discharge (sorry tmi) it's not bad smelling at all though.
I've now convinced myself I have some sort of Cancer! I know this is unlikely and it's probably due to the forceps/episiotomy. But the bleeding and the discharge worry me terribly. My appointment at the hospital is in 3 days so I hope to get some answers then.

Thanks X

ffon Sun 19-Jun-16 21:13:41

Bumping for you.

MonkeyMum91 Sun 19-Jun-16 22:39:15


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