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Bloody Flipping Back Pain!!!

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azola Wed 15-Jun-16 21:43:24

I am at the end of my bloody tether.

DS was born a year ago today (shock)
I had a really bad labour and birth and had an epidural at the beginning
Every doctor/health person has told me they cause no back pain etc etc
But my god my back bleeding hurts after it! The pain goes from the exact spot the needle went in, all the way up my spine. It was like that for a while and a few painkillers sorted it out for a few hours. But now the pain seems to be spreading, almost like its branching out from the original spinal pain iyswim.
Painkillers are not even touching me anymore.
GP are useless, have mentioned my back pain to them and get the usual "it's stress/normal after having a baby etc etc"
Does anyone else suffer after having an epidural? Or just after having a baby and what on earth have you done about it?

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