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I really feel like I'm suffering.

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Mermaidmagic Sun 05-Jun-16 10:33:37

Long story short, my DS is 9 weeks old. He had surgery at a few weeks and he was in hospital for 3 weeks afterwards.

Since coming home from hospital, he cries constantly. He never stops. Nothing can calm him, I've tried everything; sling, rocking, dummy, feeding, changing, wind, taking him for walks etc. He never settles. The most he sleeps during the day is for about 2 hours. At night he is a little better and goes 3 hour stretches. I also have a 13 month old to look after.

I really feel like it's getting em down now, the continuous crying hour after hour, day after day with no consoling him at all. Sometimes I have to walk out of the room with my one year old for a few minutes because it all gets too much. When my older DS is napping and he's crying I sit in the bathroom crying myself because I'm at a loss what to do. The longest he's cries for is between 3-5 hour stretches at a time. Naps for 15 minutes and starts again.

I have told the hospital what he is like and they've said everything physically seems fine and don't seem concerned.

Anyway, I'm just exhausted now to be honest. I dread every single day & I really don't feel as though I can bond with DS2 as he just screams constantly. I guess I just needed to vent and let this out of my system. No body else knows the extent of how I'm feeling.

Fairylea Sun 05-Jun-16 10:37:35

Have you treated him as though he has silent reflux just to see if it's that? If you google silent reflux you'll find a lot of suggestions and the GP can prescribe things to try.

Would he take a dummy? (If you haven't already tried that). Swaddling with a Muslin? (All things that soothed my own very difficult second baby!)

I really feel for you, my second child was like a full blown tornado compared to my first and I found it so difficult but things did become easier over time. flowers

Mermaidmagic Sun 05-Jun-16 11:12:46

Fairy, thank you for your reply. I have tried true swaddling and the dummy. None of which is helped. He is on medication for reflux, has a prescription milk and further medication since his operation. He sucks on his dummy for a minute or so then it comes out and he refuses to have it again. I have also tried swaddling, and he manages to wiggle out all the time. What's even more frustrating is when he is actually asleep he wakes with the slightest noise (not good with a noisy one year old in the house) and it can take up to an hour to settle him again. sad

Teddypom Mon 06-Jun-16 02:10:25

Hi, we had our DC2 13 weeks ago and the first bit was awful! He had a few issues to start with - tongue tie/colic. We spent a fortune on different bottles/teats/drops but nothing really helped massively. I asked anyone and everyone for advice and didn't think he'd ever settle.
He was fine until week two when, like you, he would cry for 3-4 hours at a time. I really struggled to leave the house and dreaded anyone visiting! Twice my elderly neighbour called round and had to leave because DC2 was having a complete breakdown!
However, things did improve, slowly. Despite him being our second child it all comes as a bit of a shock when they struggle to settle. DC2 is now the easiest, laid back baby ever.
You are not alone and just try to remember that it's still very early days.
One thing that may help is a baby carrier - I bought one and wore it a lot!!
Hope I've made you feel a bit more hopeful! X

applesvpears Mon 06-Jun-16 02:35:06

Maybe try a different dummy? My LG will only have one specific brand.

dividedmansions Mon 06-Jun-16 02:35:20

Have you tried white noise? I have a light sleeping 12 week old and this works well for us but he likes it very loud - we have downloaded a few white noise tracks on Spotify and play them on repeat via Bluetooth speakers in his cot. This a)sends him to sleep/soothes when crying and b) blocks out other noise.

If he likes the swaddle but wriggles out maybe use a zippy one - we use the Hana baby swaddle pod and its fab.

A sling? That one doesn't work for us but I see it cited as a miracle worker on here a lot.

Sympathies op - it's so hard dealing with a constantly crying baby flowers

dividedmansions Mon 06-Jun-16 02:36:52

Also I second a different dummy - mine only likes avent. Will not take MAM or nuk.

Namelessbabe Mon 06-Jun-16 02:55:11

There is an organisation called Cry-sis you could contact for advice. Have you tried white noise to calm him, or a sling?

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