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Intrusive thoughts

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Mycrazyhead84 Thu 26-May-16 07:55:29

Hi, this is my first post. Sorry I don't know all the forum lingo so bear with me. I have. 2 and a half year old son who I love more than anything. I don't know how long I've been having these thoughts but it's getting worse and it's starting to make me thing I'm going crazy.

I keep imagining horrific things happening to him. I don't want to harm him and never imagine myself doing anything to him but j get these thoughts in my head that I have no control over. I see horrible things and I just want it to stop.

For example the other day I had to sit next to this weird man on the bus and my son was in his buggy in front of us. The man kept trying tickle his feet and saying let's leave mummy and you and me can go and have a fun day. He was just a weirdo but since then I keep thinking of that man and imagine him taking my son and harming him or killing him. I imagine someone breaking into our house, i get to my son and he's in his stabbed to death. If we're out walking and we come to a crossing I imagine the buggy rolling out into the road and being hit by a car. I don't want anyone else to look after him incase he gets sexually abused. It's not all the time and I can go for days/ weeks with no bad thoughts and then it just pops into my head.

I feel like a complete psychopath for saying all of this but I don't know what to do. I mentioned it to my doctor probably about a year ago maybe longer and she just said she has the same with her children and it's normal. I didn't go into much detail and the thoughts weren't as bad then but this can't be normal. I feel physically sick because of it sometimes.

Has anyone else had this? Am I crazy?

Peach1886 Thu 26-May-16 08:45:32

Hello hon, sorry you are going through this, it is horrible. I had it when DS was first born, for several months, including fears of me hurting him in various awful ways, and then gradually it went away - it is apparently a completely normal response to the huge love, protectiveness and responsibility you feel. DS is now a toddler and I still get it now and again when I am stressed or very tired, but I just wait for it to pass after a few days. It sounds like you have it worse than that and it is getting on top of you though, so maybe ask the Doctor for a v light dose of anti-depressants to help stop the anxiety? But no you are not going mad, just a normal caring mum whose brain has gone into overdrive ☺

Firsttimer82 Sun 29-May-16 20:15:32

I have this as part of my PND and everyone has these thoughts but most of the time we just push them out. When we are anxious, tired or depressed our brain grabs onto the thought and develops it. You aren't mad or crazy. These thoughts aren't "normal" but they are common and they can go away. I have been on Ads and they have helped and i'm going to have CBT which I hear is also effective. These thoughts aren't you they are just a symptom of yr anxiety. Speak to your HV or GP. You sound like an amazing mummy. We won't have these thoughts forever. It is just our love in overdrive. I also find these thoughts are worse before my period.

Newtobecomingamum Fri 03-Jun-16 16:28:00

I've had thoughts like this... They range from me hurting the baby/children, someone else hurting the children, awful world events happening and us all dying etc. I suffer from anxiety mildly and as quick as they enter my head they are gone again. I'm not mad or going crazy and am an amazing mummy! I've done lots of research about this and it is 'normal' as long as they are not continuous and you don't have any other symptoms or ever consider acting on them. I know my bout of anxiety has been caused by the new arrival of my baby. Has something triggered or caused these thoughts? I would recommend that you see your GP though. X

OhGoToSleepPlease Fri 03-Jun-16 16:36:29

I had this when ds (4) was around a year & went on for a while. It wasn't me hurting him but various scenarios like kidnap/died in car crash etc. I had no idea until reading your post & some replies how common it was.
I brought it up when I attended counselling (unrelated reason I started) when he was around 2 as it was still going on. I had undiagnosed Pnd which got pretty bad but by that point I was already seeking help.

I've started to get it a little with dd (10months) and again imagining her and/or ds being in some terrible accident/being taken. As a pp said its more when I'm tired now. I'm conscious of it & trying to talk myself into speaking to someone just in case though.

May be worth speaking with GP/hv/counsellor?

Zaurak Wed 08-Jun-16 21:18:50

I get this. Not of me harming him but of terrible things happening to him and me being unable to stop it.

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