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Love them too much?

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WalkingBlind Thu 21-Apr-16 00:44:28

I know this sounds ridiculous but does anyone have any anxiety issues because they just love their baby so much that they can't cope? I get separation anxiety and cry at nights at the thought of DS ever being in any kind of pain. His dad is taking him for the inoculations because I can't bare it at all.

I'm speaking to someone about my anxiety, I didn't get this with DD. Obviously I love her just as much but I wasn't this worried or clingy. The only difference between them is my age, gender and the births.

I literally feel totally overwhelmed by love confused and if he cries I take him off my DP (which I can see bothers him but my chest hurts if he cries). I'm coping with sleep and everything as he sleeps right through. I know it's normal to love your kids more than life itself but this is consuming everything. DD accidentally knocked his head and I couldn't breathe blush

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