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Bleeding after sex

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verymerryberries Wed 20-Apr-16 21:48:47

I had a difficult birth 11 weeks ago and ended up with a 3rd degree tear. I thought I was starting to feel relatively normal again and so thismorning I had sex with my partner for the first time in ages, it was a bit uncomfortable but not so painful I wanted to stop. Anyway, I have been bleeding lightly since, do you think this is normal? To be honest, I don't know how well I have healed down below, nobody has checked, I have hospital referrals over the next couple of months so I assume that's why the gp didn't check at my 8 week appointment. Any advice would be greatly received, thanks!

Teddypom Wed 27-Apr-16 16:33:25

Hi there! I feel quite relieved to read your post!
I gave birth 7 weeks ago and, as a result, came away with a 2nd degree tear (which was left to heal naturally).
Last week I had my 6 week check - the nurse didn't examine me. (It's more of a check for the baby rather than us)!
Anyway, I too had sex with my partner at the weekend. I could feel a slight soreness inside which I can only describe as feeling a bit like a graze. I also bled slightly afterwards.
I am thinking that we must of tried too soon!
I wonder how long you're supposed to wait before having sex after tearing?
Unfortunately I don't have any further follow up appointments - would be interested to know how you get on with those.

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