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Oooouuuch!! What were your "ailments as a new mother?"

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Newmamatobe Mon 18-Apr-16 07:48:24

I'm just pondering, after the third back wrenching night feed/change/cuddle what were fellow OPs aches and pains...

From back pains and spasms, headaches and general "run down so catch everything going" (that's not even counting the healing process of the abdomen etc) to the physical tiredness...

And. Loving. It. All. Anyway - kind of!

guiltynetter Mon 18-Apr-16 07:50:44

one of the things I didn't expect was feeling so goddamn boiling all the time. it took nearly a year for me to go back to being a normal temperature, I had regular night sweats and when everyone else was wearing a winter coat I was wandering about with no cardigan on and sweating while I did it. it was pretty horrible!

YokoUhOh Mon 18-Apr-16 07:53:53

3rd degree tear so learnt how to BF lying down...

Badgerncub Thu 05-May-16 04:30:21

Ha- loved reading this. I had a very straight forward delivery with a minor first degree tear and only 3h45 min labour and I feel like I've been beat up repeatedly so eff knows how I'd feel if anything untoward had happened! Baby is 4 days old and I'm lying here with boobs engorged and the size of rugby balls. Sore ribs, sore back, sore shoulders and stingy vagina. Sorry if tmi. Who knows whether I'll ever feel the same again but I do really like the baby- he is actually worth it. His head smells like magical pony land.

ChablisTyrant Thu 05-May-16 05:44:46

Yes! Crazy night sweats too second time around.

wonkylegs Thu 05-May-16 06:07:20

2wks here although he was early so wasn't supposed to be here til next week.
I'm sooo hot too. I'm post section so have real tummy issues - scar is fine but muscles are extremely sore and don't quite do what I want them to, tummy is numb is places and hyper-sensitive in others - between that and the epically proportioned boobs choosing clothes is more of a challenge than when I was pregnant!
Also (sorry tmi) thanks to surgery + painkillers my bowels aren't quite back to normal so lots of dried fruit for me.

MoonDuke Thu 05-May-16 06:20:34

DS1 - I was prescribed painkillers for 2 weeks after the birth but I remember whenever they wore off being in pain in general 'down there'. The worst thing was needing to go to the loo now grin

DS2 - I wasn't prescribed anything and had severe back pain, reminding me of a kidney infection. At 5 days post birth DH had enough of me crying (I thought it was normal) and called the Dr. After a scan I was diagnosed with a thrombosis in the ovarian vein needing several months of painful injections (I was black and blue and a midwife I saw was worried about DV!)

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