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episiotomy recovery

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Ellie1986 Sat 16-Apr-16 08:24:04

Just wondering if anyone has any advice on things you can do to aid recovery from an episiotomy and instrumental delivery?

I had a pretty horrendous labour 5 weeks ago and I'm only just able to think about it without crying. My ds had to be delivered by ventouse and the registrar was the most uncaring woman I've ever met who performed the procedure without offering me a spinal block and giving me minimal pain relief which did not work despite me screaming in agony. I felt absolutely everything including the stitching afterwards.

I can now walk normally again but things definitely don't feel right down there. I've been doing my pelvic floor exercises but they actually feel like they're making things worse. My episiotomy scar is also really painful.

Any advice from other mums who've been in similar position? I thoroughly wish I'd had a c section! Out of interest does anyone remember if they were asked for their consent for episiotomy or instrumental delivery? Thanks for reading

KatyN Sat 16-Apr-16 19:35:08

I don't think I was asked for permission for either of my assisted labours.. First was ventouse and second forceps. Both times my baby was in distress and they needed to get them out. I definitely didn't know I was going to have an episiotomy either time. I had an epidural in both times so didn't feel anything, but I was also topped up with morphine just before (again I didn't know about this until after the event).
As for you scar and the down below, I wouldn't say that is unusual for 5 weeks. Do you have your gp check at 8 weeks booked yet? I showed my gp my scar at mine and she said it was a bit tight (as scars are when they heal) but it was fine. She also felt inside and said the scar had carried on in there and again was a bit tight but healing nicely!! I think you might need to give it a bit more time to heal.
Final point about the pelvic floors, first time round I also had a prolapse and saw a gynae physio. She said it wasn't that my pelvic floor was too loose but it was too tight where I was tensing up and I had to do work to relax it instead. You may find if it doesn't settle in a month or so you want to see a physio.
Sorry you had a tough ride, kx

VagueIdeas Sat 16-Apr-16 19:41:28

Five weeks isn't long in terms of healing, so I'm not surprised that things don't feel right. That's to be expected.

When you say pelvic floor exercises are making it worse, what do you mean?

Best thing you can do right now is not strain when you have a bowel movement. Then, later, if you still think something is wrong, you can ask the GP to refer you to a women's health physiotherapist. They can check your pelvic floor strength and recommend exercises.

scandichick Sat 16-Apr-16 19:46:28

It does get so much better, took me months to recover fully. Go to a pelvic floor physio, even if it's just to make sure you do your exercises right, and if you have any issues at all raise them with HCP even if it's embarrassing.

Wasn't asked for consent either, I don't think it was optional at that stage.

If you want, you can usually request a debrief after labour - it doesn't have to have been life threatening or anything, you're still (I think) entitled to have someone talk you through what happened. I actually requested my delivery notes before giving birth a second time instead - it was oddly healing. This time, I just read the notes on my bed after the birth grin (no interventions, thankfully)

Ughnotagain Sat 16-Apr-16 19:52:42

I don't remember giving consent for my episiotomy but DH was right by my side and says I did. I remember the midwife saying "we need to get this baby out now" and nodding/agreeing but not much else than that. I trust DH and I believe him when he says I did give consent; I was also incredibly exhausted and desperate to get her out so I think I would have agreed.

I'm sorry you had such a rough time though. Definitely get your GP to check your healing progress when you have your check. Mine was infected and the stitches had come apart 1 week postpartum and I had to have two lots of antibiotics. Not pleasant. But, it did heal and now 10 months later I barely notice it (only when I touch it).

ayria Mon 25-Apr-16 13:13:29

Hi, can I suggest the Birth Trauma Association on Facebook. It's just that you mentioned crying when thinking about it.

I wasn't necessarily asked for consent for an episiotomy but I made sure I cleared it with her first (because she looked rushed) She just said she was going to do it and after looking to my mum in shock and back to her she was insistant so I quickly consented. I didn't want her to do it in the first place let alone without my permission (but that's a whole other story; she didn't give a reason). Legally they shouldn't do it without consent which I found out after having DS. I was also unaware she was doing stitches until I felt it (that is also another story; she stitched 5 injuries she didn't mention to me). I had G&A during labour so was given local but I still felt it all, she also didn't say what she was about to do/check etc. which made it worse. In the end my stitches came apart, now I have a "gap" and feel "dog-earred"!

If it's still causing you problems you should go back to a GP, for a second opinion, until you get offered a referral to atleast have someone look.

spanky2 Mon 25-Apr-16 13:21:43

The local anaesthetic only started to work after the episiotomy. I wasn't stitched back together how it was before. It was blue and swollen like the size of an egg. It took months to heal. Also some sex positions were uncomfortable for about a year after. It was too sore for sex for afew months, five or six. It was 11 years ago. Still haunted by it! But my ds came out safely. It takes time.

Oogle Mon 25-Apr-16 13:31:55

I had an episiotomy and wasn't given a spinal block, there wasn't time - I'd pushed for over 2hrs and the baby was in distress, we had to get the baby out there and then. I was given the option of ventouse or forceps and chose ventouse. She then gave me a local anaesthetic before performing the episiotomy. We didn't get as far as ventouse because I managed to get his head out.

It took 10 weeks for the pain to subside and a further 2 weeks until I began to feel anywhere near normal.

I'm sorry you had a bad experience xx

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