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Baby blues or PPD?

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Rubysmummy2016 Mon 11-Apr-16 16:55:52

Had my DD 7 weeks ago, had to be induced due to waters breaking early, DD born 5 weeks early. Had a week and a half stay in hospital where I was very tired, emotional, crying most of the time and wanting to go home. Now 5 weeks on, I'm not sure what's going on. I can't get to sleep even if DD is alseep, and at night I'm worried that someone is going to break in and try to hurt her. I was tracking every mil she ate, but stopped after my mum told me I needed to relax. I've found as well that I'm trying to pass her to my partner more, I know that I'll only make her cry more and she seems calmer on him. The other night she wouldn't stop screaming (colic) and I just felt so angry, don't get me wrong I'd never harm my little girl, but is it normal to be so mad?

Everyone is telling me to relax, and DD grandma has taken her for tonight so I can try and sleep. But I'm torn, people are saying to follow my mother's instinct but in the same breath telling me to relax and back off.

I'm so confused and I don't want another night of sobbing in the rocking chair while she's screaming in her cot if I can help it.

frangell Thu 14-Apr-16 22:16:41

Hi Rubysmummy2016,

Not sure what help I can be but just wanted to offer some support.

I assume from your post this is your first baby?

Everything can get a bit overwhelming at the best of times with a newborn but with the combination of her being born early and colic it must make things that much harder. Sleep deprivation has a lot to answer for and I hope after some rest you feel a bit better.

It's normal for new mums to feel anxious some of the time but from what you describe your anxiety is quite extreme and affecting how you function. I would suggest you speak to your GP and health visitor asap as you are right that these may be signs of PND. The sooner you get support the better you will feel.

You mention you have a partner and that your mum is you have a wider support network you can call upon?

It feels really tough in the first few weeks, especially with the first baby, but it gets easier as time goes on.

Thinking of you and sending a hug x

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