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New mum - survey

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Mrsm14 Thu 07-Apr-16 15:52:47

I'm a fairly new mum and have unfortunately been struggling with anxiety and feeling quite negative and down on myself. I'm now getting some cbt and as part of this, my therapist suggested I put all of my worries into a survey to see if others have experienced anything similar. There are only a few questions and it is set up to be completely anonymous, so I can only get results, not any contact info. If anyone is able to spare 5 minutes to respond, I would so appreciate it. Feeling quite alone and like everyone else is much better at this than I am! The link is here - - thanks so much and please do share too. I can't email results as I won't have any contact details but I could share some collated info here if it would be helpful for anyone else x

Zamaz Fri 08-Apr-16 11:56:41

You're not alone. I suffered horribly with post natal depression and anxiety after my daughter was born, so much so I was hospitalised for 3 weeks. Happy to say I came out the other side with the help of family, friends, therapy and medication and am now enjoying life again - and so will you, I promise. You're doing the right thing by getting help and speaking openly about your experiences - it really is so common and we're all in it together. Sending positive vibes and a great big hug! You will get back to 'you' - be kind to yourself, accept support, and remember, 'this too shall pass' xxx

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