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Labia ripped

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WalkingBlind Sun 27-Mar-16 04:16:44

My first birth I needed 12 stitches due to some nasty tears. I healed pretty well though and 3 years later here I was giving birth to DS and not too worried at all.

The midwife said this time I only had 2 grazes and didn't need any stitches.

Everything has now healed up and I took a mirror down there and I most definitely needed stitches and now it's too late angry So I just have healed holes in my labia and some awkward damage around my urethra which is impractical for the toilet (have to move stuff around and hold it as I pee confused) as well as hideous.

The grazes were actually very large and I have two huge scars down either side but I know these will heal with time and I expected this kind of damage so was totally prepared for it. I also know that the rips will not change sad For the sake of a couple of stitches before they healed "open" Im very disappointed.

Is there surgical options? How would that even work? I dont fancy the thought of it has anyone ever had it done?

Augustwedding Sun 27-Mar-16 04:43:42

You poor thing. I had an episiotomy get infected, stitches came undone and took 6 months to heal. Now have massive scar there. All I can suggest is going back to your GP for a referrL to gynae.

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