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still feeling bruised 9 weeks after giving birth

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Ahappynewmummy Sun 20-Mar-16 13:15:43

sorry this is probably going to be tmi and long.
I gave birth to my wonderful son 9 weeks ago. I had 5 days of horrible slow labour but once my water's broke it went quick. while I was in labour the MW wanted me to go to the toilet but for some reason I couldn't go. as I couldn't go, half way through they put a catheter to empty me to help the labour. after it all the cord from the placenta broke off so I had to go to theatre to get it remover and also stitch up a second degree tear I had. during the procedure I had yet another catheter.

I had to stay in over night as they wanted to check on my bladder. I couldn't empty my bladder and had to drink litres of water to try and flush it out. luckily I emptied it and was allowed to go out. the first 3-4 weeks I was in agony when passing water and it cleared up a little.

9 weeks later I always feel full and when I do my exercise the pressure is horrible. it also feels like my clitoris is also really bruised. could I still be bruised from the catheter?

sorry for the long post.

KatyN Mon 21-Mar-16 16:00:12

I had a catheter and didn't experience the same as you, any soreness went after a few days. I would say if you are still having symptoms you should talk to your gp. First time round I spent way too long with symptoms of a prolapse before I realised it wasnMt right. (I'm not saying I think you have prolapse just that it took me ages to ask for medical advise!)
Congratulations on your little one...

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