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Long shot, but anyone else have a bright red, inflamed and sore vagina??

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Juniper4004 Sat 12-Mar-16 22:55:29

WAAAAY too much information coming your way.

I gave birth 7 weeks ago today to DD2. I had a fairly standard second degree tear.

Since birth, my bits have felt weird. I wondered, initially, if the stitches were infected or if I had had an allergy to something (I have quite a few allergies, including latex). I was kept under midwife care for about 10 days longer than normal, and within this time my vulva / vagina got better, but not fixed. I went to the GP and had swabs; they came back normal.

At my six week check, I mentioned it to my GP who had a look and took swabs. She also sent me for blood tests to check my iron levels. I doubt it's an iron deficiency as I still take pregnancy vitamin tablets and also eat quite a lot of green veg. Her other suggestion was that it was dermatitis so I've been using hydrocortisone on the area and only washing with specialist cream.

It's been 10 days since I saw her and I'm meant to see her again, although I have to plan it around when DP is off as DD1 will be distressed if she has to come along. Hopefully I can go again on Monday.

I don't know what's causing my problems, but was wondering if anyone's had similar? It's so painful and sensitive that DTD is totally out of the question.

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